KEYS TO THE HOODOO KINGDOM by Sean Woodward & Art in the Crypt

Sean Woodward’s KEYS TO THE HOODOO KINGDOM is available now from Hell Fire Club Books, a preeminent esoteric publisher and bindery in the United Kingdom, in two editions. The standard edition is limited to 250 in quarter kidskin and root textured cloth and the deluxe is limited to 77 in full Nigerian black long grained goatskin.

“This work is an introduction to Voudon Gnosis and in particular the catalyst that is the Lucky Hoodoo Grimoire. It shares the experiences of a Gnostic Bishop and Grand Master of the current’s most distinguised and historic order, Ordo Templi Orientis Antiqua & La Couleuvre Noire (OTOA-LCN) including visionary explorations of the pre-Atlantean, interstellar roots of the Hoodoo as well as those entities and forces which inhabit this gnosis. This rich tapestry is interwoven with practical applications of the Voudon Gnostic principles and examples of their manifestation in art, literature and music. It also includes a review of contemporary Voudon Gnosis in the Balkans and the Aiwaz Logic and Language of English Qaballa in relation to the mysteries revealed and scientific explorations of the Nightside Tree, or Universe-B.”


For further information, contents and purchasing:


On Saturday 28th July 2018 from 7pm there will be a launch for KEYS TO THE HOODOO KINGDOM and Sean’s original artwork will be on show with a collection of other esoteric artworks as detailed below.

Saturday 28th July 2018 from 7pm – Midnight

In Eamonn Loughran’s words:

This one-night exhibition will showcase the work of a group of artists and personnes extraordinaires all working with diverse and often subversive esoteric currents, alchemical processes, alien parasites, conjured spirits and the manifestation of the forces of light and darkness. The evening is sponsored by Hell Fire Club Books Esoteric Publishers and is arranged with the kind assistance of The Atlantis Bookshop.

Sean Woodward

Sean Woodward has studied and practised under the tutelage of the Hoodoo Magus Michael Bertiaux, his art and writings transmit the force of spirit workings, hoodoo conjure and the liminal presences of supra mundane other-world beings. Seans’ book ‘Keys to the Hoodoo Kingdom’ is launched on this evening and charts his journey across the globe in a search for the essence of magic.

Madeleine Le Despencer

Madeleine Le Despencer is a visual artist and author living in London, England. Her research and practice are focused on sodalities of heretical Catholicism, devotional Diabolism, and Gnostic Revival in fin de siècle France. For the past several years she has been deeply involved in the research and restoration of the life and work of Abbé Joseph-Antoine Boullan, the defrocked Roman Catholic clergyman, Luciferian Gnostic priest and accused Satanist. Boullan’s unveiling of the mysteries of Catholicism inspired J.K. Huysmans’ novel, La Bas.

Sasha Chaitow

Sasha Chaitow has painted sacred icons and alchemical themed symbolist artworks for a number of years, working from her studio on the island of Corfu she has created a series of paintings inspired by the ‘Salon de la Rose Croix’ of the 19th century artist and occultist Joséphan Péladan upon whose work she is a noted authority. Sashas’ ‘SALON DE LA ROSE CROIX’ portfolio was recently published in a fine edition of only 200 copies

Jason Atomic

Jason Atomic is a being ripped right out of comic book culture, steeped in living witchcraft and draped in the purple of his own blasphemous parodies. Jason has contributed both paintings and drawings to the Satanic Mojo, the Black Metal Colouring Book and The Babylon Academy, PIMP Show, Disco Gasoline Milan, Neuropop and GOSH!

Savage Pencil 

(Edwin Pouncey) is a renowned comic book artist, designer and music journalist – his art has graced the record sleeves of countless bands including Sonic Youth, Big Black, The Fall and Rocket from the Crypt. Along with improviser, artist and musician Sharon Gal, he is also part of Meltaot, a ritualistic drone duo whose latest collaboration will be released on CD later this year.

Zoetica Ebb

Zoetica Ebb is a Russian intergalactic naturalist documenting space flora in a project titled, Alien Botany. Her hyper-detailed drawings merge fantasy, space delirium, and skin, occasionally moonlighting as textile designs in capsule fashion collections. Zoetica continues to be inspired by her immersion in the sticky world of voodoo, folk magic and swamp life during an adventure in the American deep South as a runaway teenager, alongside Soviet space obsession, the compulsive detail of traditional scientific illustration, and the beauty and horror of the natural world. She is the co-creator of the internationally-renowned alternative culture magazine, Coilhouse.


Alberto Bona (‘AREPO’) is an Italian filmmaker, designer and playwright whose work uses the alchemical technique of ‘mordençage’: an alternative photochemical process involving a degradation of the silver gelatine film reel to capture the transitory nature of time itself. Albertos’ work focuses upon the ancient ‘silent city’ of Lucca whose history and architecture reflect the influences of the Church, the Knights Templar and the earliest form of iconography relating to alchemy and the medieval Tarot.


Amodali is a multidisciplinary artist, writer and tantric-magical practitioner. Her work is primarily concerned with exploring the magic of Babalon, using extended vocal methods, trance states and embodiment techniques within female orientated magical spaces. Her highly charged, complex collages of the subtle anatomy of the female magical body have received wide acclaim and her work has been showcased as part of a series of live ritual performances with the ‘Mother Destruction’ project and more recently in solo presentations across Europe and the U.S.A.

This will be a wonderful event that I’m looking forward to immensely!

For tickets please visit: ART IN THE CRYPT – LONDON


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