Sarah-Jayne Farrer

Polytheist. Witch. Occultist. Dionysian.

As far back as she can recall, Sarah-Jayne Farrer has lived and breathed the Arte Magical. Her vision and voice carry the pure essence of rustic wisdom and the twisted cold logic of dark faerie tale, her Sorcerous ways are nightborne and heavily sensual. Based in the South of England her roots are woven and knotted into the ancient landscape she wanders through – a rich blood-soaked land, utterly drenched in folklore and magical tradition.

“In our solitariness… great depths are sometimes sounded. Truth hideth in company.”  ― Austin Osman Spare

You may find Sarah-Jayne’s work gracing the pages of:

  • “Women of Babalon: A Howling of Women’s Voices” – A book of sexual magicks in both theory and practice from the feminine power zones. Art and text from sixteen practicing female magickians  – edited by Mishlen Linden
  • Lodge Horus Maat’s “Silver Star Journal of New Magick”
  • “Hoofprints in the Wildwood” edited by Rick Derks

From Sirius Limited Esoterica edited by Edgar Kerval:

  • “LIL AZ’H’AZ LIL: The Grimoire of the Arachnean Goddess” 
  • “SARAF LESAMA AEL AZA: Intoxicating Garden of Samael” 
  • “NOXOBNIA: Feminine Deities on the Left Hand Path” 
  • “Sabbatica IV: The Garden of Bones and the Arcana of Death”

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