Sarah-Jayne Farrer

Sarah-Jayne Farrer is an established writer on magic and the occult, public lecturer, and community leader. As far back as she can recall, she has lived and breathed the Arte Magical. Her vision and voice carry the essence of rustic wisdom and the twisted cold logic of a dark faerie tale. She is a passionate believer in merging factual rigour with an immersive encounter of place and its spirits.

Based in the South of England her roots are woven and knotted into the ancient landscape she wanders through and has spent over a decade exploring the paths that carve Britain’s psychic landscape – a rich blood-soaked land, utterly drenched in folklore and magical tradition. 

She is also the founder of the on-line EDGEWAYS community which brings together experts on folklore, art, and science with historians, archaeologists, and esotericists; where we explore the paths less taken, the forgotten stairwells of history and the unanswered questions of art, science and magic every Saturday evening.

You may find Sarah-Jayne’s work gracing the pages of:

  • “TUMZANTORUM: Volume III” edited by Sean Woodward
  • “Women of Babalon: A Howling of Women’s Voices” – A book of sexual magicks in both theory and practice from the feminine power zones. Art and text from sixteen practicing female magickians  – edited by Mishlen Linden
  • Lodge Horus Maat’s “Silver Star Journal of New Magick”
  • “Hoofprints in the Wildwood” edited by Rick Derks

From Sirius Limited Esoterica edited by Edgar Kerval:

  • “LIL AZ’H’AZ LIL: The Grimoire of the Arachnean Goddess” 
  • “SARAF LESAMA AEL AZA: Intoxicating Garden of Samael” 
  • “NOXOBNIA: Feminine Deities on the Left Hand Path” 
  • “Sabbatica IV: The Garden of Bones and the Arcana of Death”

Upcoming Projects:

  • “Haunted Hodology” – Paths are palimpsestic. They bear within them traces of earlier, erased forms. Memories scratched and re-written. Haunted. A solo writing project.
  • “Thresholds” – a joint writing project with Mishlen Linden


“Bearing The Thyrsos: Maenad as Magician” originally given on April 3rd, 2021
“Corpse Ways & Spirit Roads: Otherworldly Exploration” originally given on June 12th, 2021
“Through The Looking-Glass: Mirrors in Magic and Folklore” originally given on April 30th, 2022

Please do reach out if you would like Sarah-Jayne to talk at your event.

You can contact Sarah-Jayne at:

Find me on Twitter – @SJFTremoribus
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EDGEWAYS Saturday Night Gatherings were originally organised for a few friends to come together to dispel loneliness and promote a sense of community over lockdown, inspired by the words of a dear friend to many of us, David Southwell, when he said that “We should strive to be engines of kindness and community”. We have now grown into a fantastically diverse group.

A new free talk is scheduled every week via Zoom, followed by much needed social time and discussion. An engine of kindness and community indeed.

We will be celebrating our TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY on Saturday November 19th 2022.

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