Art. Literature. Madness.

An Absinthe-fueled vision wreathed in the creeping ebony vines of the Unseen, a veritable menagerie of arcane and folkloric oddities from a place beyond the veil of modernity, punctuated throughout with devotional writings and mad ramblings . Here you will visit places rarely thought of and seldom seen, save by the foolish and the bold. You will receive a glimpse of a world known only to the layman as a pointillism of footprints on a long forgotten tundra.

‘Tremoribus Subterraneis’ is the artistic vision of Sarah-Jayne Farrer, and I will aim to illuminate that which lurks within the shadows, joined at times by other intrepid adventurers along the way. You will behold stories of wonder and darkness, of ancient lore and remnants of ages long past. Through prose, art and photography, you shall bear witness. Feel the tremors in your bones. The ripples in blood. Travel down, backwards and behind. Beyond the thresholds of perception. Facing the world that is, the world that will be and the world that has long since come to pass…

What madness causes the cold scroll of Time to recoil in on itself and the dead years to once again obtain a voice?

The thing underlying all things… The Tremoribus Subterraneis!

“Magick must, by definition, be creative. Creativity has to result from Magick, and inform Magick; otherwise, there is no Magick.” ― Robert Taylor: Magick & Imagination, Starfire Vol. II No. I
“The Gnostic artist is also a magician for he materializes thought forms in all that he does. These materializations are not always conscious, hence he is also a type of medium.” ― Michael Bertiaux :Voudon-Gnostic Workbook
“In all forms of magick, the imagination or image-making faculty is the most important factor.” ― Kenneth Grant

“Only Art is Eternal Wisdom; what is not Art soon perishes. Art is the unconscious love of all things. ‘Learning’ will cease and Reality will become known when it comes to pass that every human being is an Artist.” ― Austin Osman Spare: Book of Pleasure

“What is important to me in my work is the identity that is hidden behind so-called reality. I search for a bridge from the given present to the invisible, rather as a famous cabalist once said, ‘If you wish to grasp the invisible, penetrate as deeply as possible into the visible.’ ” ― Max Beckmann