Di Inferi: The Gods of The Deep

– Of contact, dream and memory… …The drums reverberate through the Land. A steady pulse surges up through the layers of trodden mud and Sun-baked bricks, rising up through the levels of the place where ‘the heavens and the underworld mingle’, and through bare, unsandaled feet. They are felt within the soul, setting the body a-shudder….

Stafford Stone: A Memorial for a Visionary Artist

This was originally posted on “In the Chimehours” back in April 2016 – I repost this here in commemoration of a man of extraordinary passion, vision, talent and dedication, who passed three years today. Rob, may you burn brightly wherever you are. You are missed by many. “Magick must, by definition, be creative. Creativity has…

KEYS TO THE HOODOO KINGDOM by Sean Woodward & Art in the Crypt

Sean Woodward’s KEYS TO THE HOODOO KINGDOM is available now from Hell Fire Club Books, a preeminent esoteric publisher and bindery in the United Kingdom, in two editions. The standard edition is limited to 250 in quarter kidskin and root textured cloth and the deluxe is limited to 77 in full Nigerian black long grained goatskin….

Sabbatica Vol IV: The Garden of Bones and the Arcana of Death

“Sabbatica Vol IV: The Garden of Bones and the Arcana of Death”, published by Sirius Limited Esoterica is coming soon. My small but heartfelt offering “Blood Upon The Frigid Waters” was submitted alongside the following image: “Within the Fàd a’ Chaorain”  The first 33 copies of “Sabbatica Vol IV: The Garden of Bones and the Arcana…

Welcome to Tremoribus Subterraneis

We sat over a pint, a regular haunt of esotericists, witches, necromancers and Typhonians near the British Museum, deep in conversation. The hustle and bustle of those partaking in after-work drinks and kicking off their weekends faded to insignificance… “In the Chimehours is no more, I’ve taken everything down” “You need a creative outlet” “I…