Sabbatica Vol IV: The Garden of Bones and the Arcana of Death

“Sabbatica Vol IV: The Garden of Bones and the Arcana of Death”, published by Sirius Limited Esoterica is coming soon. My small but heartfelt offering “Blood Upon The Frigid Waters” was submitted alongside the following image:

“Within the Fàd a’ Chaorain” 

Within the Fàd a' Chaorain

The first 33 copies of “Sabbatica Vol IV: The Garden of Bones and the Arcana of Death” comes with Necromancer incense and a CD. It contains 160 pages with full colour plates compromised of art from Sean Woodward, Gary Rosenberg, Kaela and myself. The cover sigil is the creation of Asenath Mason.


    Veronica Rivas
  • NECROMANTIC SECRETS in the Iberian Books of Saint Cyprian
    Humberto Maggi
  • A Necromatic Oracle
    Lukasz Grochocki
  • Spiritualism, a Gateway to Necromancy
    Bill Duvendack
  • Yama: The Veils of Destiny and Death
    Fr Nemirion
  • Dreaming With the Dead
    Leonard Dewar
  • Necromancer of Leng
    Sean Woodward
  • Blood Upon the Frigid Waters
    Sarah-Jayne Farrer
  • Keres: The Death Bringing Fates
    J.A Perez
  • I dream in Death Screams… Echoes of Death Goddess Badb
    Joey Morris
  • At the Crossroads
    Edgar Kerval

For ordering and information please contact Edgar Kerval on:

Sabattica IV



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